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This Latest Trend in Plastic Surgery Has People Confused

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Body enhancements. contouring, facelifts, liposuction – there are numerous possibilities for people looking to enhance their bodies with the help of plastic surgery.
You’d think by now we’ve seen it all, but there’s a new trend sweeping the nation: back dimples.

Poised to be the greatest trend of 2017, this new cosmetic surgery procedure is on the rise. With today’s culture obsessed with social media, people often find themselves infatuated with celebrities and popular culture icons flaunting their perfect bodies online. These obsessions drive people to rush to their local plastic surgeon, to go under to knife to achieve that perfection of beauty they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.
Back dimples have become the new thing, as previously, it was something you couldn’t work towards with a couple sessions at the gym. It was something that you needed to be born with, until now.

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Chocolate Pills – New Pharmaceutical Craze Hitting the UK

chocolate pill

Researchers at pharmaceutical companies have made great strides towards the advancement of medicine, but now it’s the unusual usage of chocolate that has got people in the UK going wild.
Chocolate, for the first time ever, is being converted into pill form, and marketed as a means of combating heart, and mental conditions. The chocolate pills work to increase the flow of blood by loosening arteries.

Now before you run out and stockpile large amounts of chocolate, researchers say that these pills don’t contain stuff found in your average corner store chocolate bar. For context, to receive the same benefits of the concentrated chocolate pill, you would need to consume over 400 grams of pure dark confectionery – which is triple of the maximum amount a person should ever consume.

Studies have shown that a slight decrease in blood pressure has the ability to reduce the risk of heart related conditions may even improve your mental health.

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Child Oozes Blood From Orifices Several Times a Day


For over three years, young Ahkil Raj has been leaking blood from every opening imaginable. His tears, his ears and even his limbs, all at one point have drawn blood for reasons unknown.
Examined by doctors, they have found no wounds of any kind, and are mystified by the phenomena. They’re still unable to diagnose his ailment, and the child’s family hope that doctors and researchers are able to discover a cure soon.

“Blood comes from everywhere, my head, my body, sometimes out of my ears.
“There are days when it doesn’t happen, then out of nowhere I’ll bleed nonstop. For the past 2 weeks it has happened everyday,” shared Ahkil.
Under the direct supervision of doctors around the clock, they have no understanding what causes it.
The affliction is very rare, and is said to affect a minuscule amount of the world’s population.

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Woman Fakes Four Year Relationship – Stalks Man and Spouse for Photos


A woman let her imagination run wild, while pretending to date a man who had no idea she existed. Looking throughout social media sites, she would pull photos from their profiles and insert herself into the images. She would then use these doctored images to show off to friends, even going as far to say they had a wedding in the works.
Jillian Blunt, a mental health specialist, told tales of romance with a man named Greg, and would often post images and status’ of her beau on her Twitter profile.

It was when friends and relatives never got a chance to meet the man, that suspicion started to arise. With further analysis of posted photos, there were too many inconsistencies that led them to believe it was all a ruse. This is when they tipped off the unsuspecting couple, who then contacted the authorities for help.

Police were notified of the situation, which revealed Blunt had been stalking them online for photos, and offline would travel to locations they previously ventured, to re-create their vacation photos. Although the situation seems very creepy, nothing illegal has been done, and the investigation is at a stand still. Blunt’s fake accounts have all been deleted.

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Man Appalled by Contents of Jarred Jam – But Looks Are Deceiving


Tory Hawko was making his weekly trip to the grocery store and routinely bought the same brand of jam that he always did.
Coming home to make a delicious sandwich, he was quick to lose his temper, and not to mention appetite, when he opened the jar and discovered there was something floating at the top, resembling something looking like a condom.

“This is disgusting, how does something like this happen? You think sending me coupons will prevent me from voicing my frustrations?” Tory posted as a caption on his Facebook, along with a photo of the jar. There were numerous comments on the photo, and like him others were disgusted by what they were looking at.
Catching flak from the incident, a representative from the store was quick to respond to the matter, claiming the item that looks like a male contraceptive, was actually hardened foam from the sealing process. Coincidentally, the hardening of the foam formed something resembling a condom, and not an actual condom itself.

Numerous representatives from the brand had contacted Hawko to apologize for the mix-up.

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Cold Bed Keeping You Up at Night? Hire Someone to Warm it Up For You!


Hate the thought of climbing into a cold bed after a long day at the office? Apparently, you’re not the only one, and this brilliant businesswoman has got you covered.
Claiming to be the world’s first, Vicky Ivanoka, is a professional bed-warmer. Vicky comes into your home, changes into her pyjamas and lounges in your bed until you’re ready to go to sleep. She claims this is strictly professional and offers no physical contact, but is willing to chat while she works. And for another looking to be crafty, she has a security team monitoring her status at all times.

Looking to sign up? Going to have to line up alongside everyone else, as there is huge demand for the service. Not realizing that there was a huge market for the service, Ivanoka is in the process of forming a team of bed warmers to fulfill the huge growth of requests.
Ivanoka says that her main demographic are men who are single, but is willing to expand her business if she finds a demand for members of the opposite sex.

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Cat Lover Livestreams Birth of Two-Headed Kitten

two headed kitten

Feline aficionado, Zhi Wu, was eagerly awaiting the birth of his cat’s litter, when he instantly noticed that something was off. With a litter of five, one of the kittens was birthed with two heads and three eyes.
Zhi, a man with numerous cats in his home, has seen dozens of births, but this was the first time he had ever encountered this situation. Of the remaining kittens in the litter, none of them show any signs of deformity.
two headed kitten2
Although the kitten has two mouths, it is only able to use one of them to feed. Right now, everything seems normal, but Zhi is unsure about its future.
Once Zhi realized what had happened, he was quick to grab his computer to live stream the event. Users watching were stunned to see the kitten, but were very happy to see that the kitten was able to function normally.

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Migraines Trigger Accent Change for British Woman


A woman from the U.K. suffers from a rare condition which causes her accent to change every time she is hit with a migraine.
Dubbed as the Foreign Accent Syndrome by scientists, considered very rare, out of the entire world population it is approximated that just 60 people suffer from it.
It was back in 2006 that Taryn Walt first discovered this strange phenomenon, and it wasn’t for another 3 years that doctors had realized the problem.

Recalling the first experience, she went on to say: “I remember I was having dinner, and my jaw kinda locked
“I figured that it wasn’t a big deal, but I woke up the next morning and my speech was off. I drove over to the hospital and they did some tests, but they didn’t discover anything. After that I went into work and I realized that I started speaking in a Jamaican accent.” It would be a few hours until her speech returned to normal.

Usually her accents don’t last more than a couple of days, and she’s more prone to have them happen when afflicted with mental stress.

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In Search of the Perfect Valentine’s Gift? Forget Flowers, Buy Roaches!


Time is ticking away until Valentine’s Day makes it’s annual arrival this year, and if you’re still looking for something to give to that special someone, The Bronx Zoo has you covered.
The New York City zoo offers people the opportunity to name cockroaches whatever they wish, and just in time for the romantic holiday.

Originally started as a fundraising project back in 2011, at the low price of $10, an electronic certificate is sent to recipients, along with the name given. Feeling a bit more adventurous and wanna spend the big bucks? Well you’re just in luck, as the zoo also offers sending a package containing chocolates or a romantic cockroach plushy for those who opt for a larger donation.

Scared that the zoo is going to sell out of cockroaches to name? Fear not, because there are thousands of cockroaches to go around. All proceeds are donated towards the conservation of wildlife.

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Get Charlize Theron’s Big Apple Look!


Charlize Theron was spotted in New York looking like a city native in her all-black outfit.
She paired a black button up blouse with black leather pants, with a collarless coat to keep warm and finished the fab look with black pumps, a nice structured handbag, and large sunglasses.
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